The station fulfills it management function for the equipment platforms by means of "glue". This consists of unmanned vehicles which are remotely operated from the station and the ground; and manned vehicles based at the station for specific situations. These vehicles reside at the "Earth orbit" dock side of the station.

Other vehicles here include vehicles for rescue in any Earth orbit, or lunar orbit. A capsule for station evacuation can be included.

The station also has facilities for configuring various components once they have arrived at the station, and before deployment to final orbit. For one example, the focal point tower might be attached to the collector mirror for the standard power module; this allows packing many power modules into a single "large object vehicle" launch.

Orbital debris is already a problem, and methods for eliminating it should be put into operation as soon as possible. Various strategies have been considered; an integrated program makes implementation of various of these routine. One idea is an ion engine which visits objects and attaches propulsion units to deorbit the object for incineration. Smaller objects can be "batched" using trashcans of some description.